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Chez-Play has indoor and outdoor play areas, all our equipment has been specifically picked to allow children to run, climb, have fun and use their imagination.

Inside we have play pods, a large bouncy castle, a custom designed and made fabulous ball pool and climbing wall.

We have a variety of ride on cars and toys including Cozy Coups, sit on rockers, babies, prams and we have a selection of pre-school toys.

Following the tragic flood in November 2015 we have had chance to re-furbish Chez-Play and therefore introducing a new play structure.

Outside we have a secure play area that has seating for 50.  We have 2 x 5ft Towers, both railed and roofed with an 8ft rope bridge linking the 2 towers, 9ft wave slide, baby swing seat, child swing seat, 8ft cargo net, Fireman's pole, 8ft rock wall, Telescope, Steering Wheel, Periscope and Pirate's Steering Wheel.  We also have balancing equipment, tyres and a play house.

If there are any questions or concerns with any of our equipment please speak to a member of staff, we are here to help. Please have a look around our gallery of toys and equipment.